How They Got to Darke Co.

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This collection of maps is intended to help you re-create your ancestors' migration(s) into Ohio during different time periods. Naturally, the focus is on southwestern Ohio.

The Colonies before 1765 (36K)
Old Northwest Territory
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Topography of Ohio
Topography of Ohio (83K)
US in 1800
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Ohio in 1803
Ohio at Statehood - 1803 (7K)

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Ohio in 1809
Darke County Formed - 1809 (8K)

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Ohio Historic Land Divisions
Ohio Land Divisions (17K)
National Road
The National Road (8K)
Counties of Ohio
Ohio Today (11K)

Before the final settlement of the Indian claims with the Treaty of Greenville in 1795, Darke County was part of the Indiana Territory (Knox County). The Treaty line crossed through the northern part of Darke County and through Mercer County. In 1803, Ohio was granted statehood and lands now called Darke County were administered by Montgomery County.

Darke County was formed from Miami County in 1809. However, the parent county continued to administer Darke County unti l817. In that year the first townships were organized: Greenville, Twin, and Wayne. By 1850, all the townships were formed. It is somewhat astonishing today to realize that in 1817 Darke County extended all the way to the border with Michigan and lands now administered by Mercer, Van Wert, Paulding, Defiance, and Williams counties were once considered part of Darke County.

General Anthony Wayne
General Anthony Wayne (12K)
Fort Greenville
Fort Greenville (62K)
Another artist's version
Another artist's version (108K)
Treaty of Greenville, 1795
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Greenville Treaty
Signing of Treaty of Greenville
1795 (212K)
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Darke Co. abt 1880
Darke County abt 1880 (138K)
Darke Co. Townships
Townships of Darke Co. (7K)

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