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Was erected in June 1836, being taken from the east end of Twin Township, and contained all of Township 7 North, Range 4 East that is in the county, and the eastern tier of Township 8 North, Range 3 East.

Asa and Thomas Jones, in the northern, and George Gabel in the southern part of the township, were the first settlers, in 1823 or`24. Among others who settled in the township at an earlier day, were William and John Richardson in the northern part, Samuel Carns and Peter Shank (1833) in the southern part, and Joseph Brown, Peter, Abram, and John Schnorf in the southwestern part.

A school district was laid off in 1836, three miles east and west and one mile in width, thus leaving out a mile on the western side. Much dissatisfaction was caused by this arrangement, so new districts two miles square were formed, and in 1837 a school building which had been partly finished in the former district was removed to land now owned by Philip Hangen in Section 28. There are now six schoolhouses in the township and 483 schoolchildrenó249 males and 234 females.

The Lutherans and Dunkards each have church buildings in the township.

Asa Jones was a Justice of the Peace before the township was cut off from Twin, but after the separation, Peter Shank was the first.

There are 57 miles of road in the township, 20 of which are pike. By the census of 1870, the population was 1226; of whom 1138 were native, and 88 foreign born.

Darke County History 1875 Atlas of Darke County, Ohio transcribed by Tom Midlam December 2000

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