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Was formed in June 1839, by taking all of Township 8 North, Range 4 East, that is in the county, and the eastern tier of sections of Township 9 North, Range 3 East; which territory was part of Van Buren Township.

Samuel Hall and John Haworth about 1824 or 1825, Eli Inman 1826, and Daniel Oakes, who settled on land now owned by Hiram Rhodes in Section 29, about the year 1828, were the first who settled in this township. Among others, were Martin Brandt, Henry Finfrock, Theophilus T. Penny, William Hess, Samuel Hall and Chris Newcomer.

John Hess, living near Painter's Creek, helped build the first schoolhouse in this township. It was put up in 1838 or 1839 on land now owned by H. Rhodes. David Oldwine was the first teacher. There are now 7 schoolhouses and 631 schoolchildren in the township--346 males and 285 females.

About 1846, a building was put up on land now owned by Samuel Bean in Section 30, which was intended to be used for public meetings of various kinds, such as singing-schools, political meetings, etc.; but, in consideration of the political part being left out, the Dunkards paid part of the expense, and it was used as a church also. Three years after the New Lights put up a church on the farm now owned by John Spiedell in Section 18. A Dunkard and a New Light are the only churches in the township at present.

The town of Painter's Creek was laid out in 1870.

By the last census there were 1366 inhabitants in the township, of whom 48 were foreign born. The township has 60 miles of road, 17 of which are pike.

Darke County History 1875 Atlas of Darke County, Ohio transcribed by Tom Midlam December 2000

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