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Darke County, Ohio
Farmers of Darke Co. in 1967

The following nine large images (over 500 KB each) represent a list of farmers from the booklet Darke County Ohio Farm Plat Book and Directory, Town & Country Publishing, Co., Inc. (POB 689 / LaPorte, Indiana 46350), 1967. Without typing out the nine pages of very dense text, this image format is the best I can do.

  • Ackley, P--Brewer, H
  • Brewer, L--Deweese, O
  • Dewey, I--Goubeaux, M
  • Goubeaux, P--James, M
  • Jay, D--Martin, L
  • Martin, W--Paff, K
  • Paff, R--Schmidt, R
  • Schmidt, V--Taylor, F
  • Teaford, Z--Zumbrun, R

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